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During we show, we are going to run a bews blog, so that you are up to date everytime! Until then, we are delivering you valuble information about the planes to come to the show and other actual developments in preparation of the show. So, it is worth to have a look here!

29.04.2011 - Yak-3

Apart from the Yak planes we already had in our program, our visitors will also be able to se a Yak 3.
Further information about that plane will be provided soon on the "Plane Info" page.

12.04.2011 - Philipp Steinbach

Multiple German champion in aerobatics, Philipp Steinbach, has agreed to participate in our show! We are already looking forward to seeing his great performance.

05.04.2011 - A small In-Formation

Out of all these planes we have already managed to have at our airfield, there is the nice possibility to create whole squadrons that are going to perform a flying display together. E.g. think of all these Yak planes

05.02.2011 - Polikarpow I-16 has agreed to come to the show !

We have a very good news! The "Polikarpow I-16", also known as "Rata", has agreed to participating in our show! There are only very few planes of this type left worldwide, and we have the chance to present one of two machines that is still capable of flying!

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