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This is a premiere in Saarland!
Marpingen-Airshow is an event organized by aviation enthusiasts for enthusiasts, and we have organized planes that you do not await to see every day. The list of participants is long, and some oldtimer and aviation fan are raising his/her hairs when reading through the list: Yaks, a Rata, B├╝cker, Extra,...

We present you these planes during the whole airshow in a special exhibition area on the apron, and some of the machines are going to give our visitors a flying display performance. As a matter of course, there are experienced pilots to accomplish these performances whereupon many of these are the owner or at leaste associates of these flying treasures.

Come along and have a nice and formidable time at Marpingen Airshow!


"Landesleistungszentrum Segelflug" at Marpingen, Saarland, Germany
Attached, you will find a rough overview about the event area.


All the guest planes are presented during the whole show in an exhibition area parallel to the runway and the visitors area.

On Sunday morning, before the beginning of the program, there will be given the opportunity to visit the planes without fences and the pilots are available to answer questions. We want to make sure that you can get the closest possible look to the planes.

Sightseeing flights around Marpingen

Of course, we are going to organize pleasure flights for the cost price. Since these flights can only take part in a small time slot during the program pauses, the number of flights is rather limited! So, if you plan to make a flight, be quick!!

Admission charges

An Airshow like the one presented here always puts some pressure on the organizers and the helpers that sacrifice their own free time for planning and arranging the whole show. For this and other reason, we demand admission for the access to the event area:

Access on Saturday and on Sunday:8 €
Access only Saturdays or only Sundays:5 € respectively

Children below the age of 12 are free of charge!

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