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How to get to the show?

Whether you are going to use a car, a bus or a bike or you are coming by foot - there are many ways to get to the Marpingen Airshow! Some of them are described below.

Traffic routing during the Airshow in the vicinity of the Marpingen Airfield

Together with the local police, we have organized a special traffic routing during the Airshow in order to avoid traffic jams and to minimize the handicap that results to our neighbors. The small map below shows this routing.

Furthermore, there are marked those positions along the country roads in the west of the airfield where the roads will be blocked due to the Airshow.
access road = blue, departure = violet


Traveling by car

Arriving by car will be fastest by using the highway A1 till exit "Eppelborn". Follow the road signs to Marpingen from there on!

We have organized a lot of parking places for free in the vicinity of the airfield! To get there, follow the indicated routes in the plan above.

Traveling by bike or by foot - These things should you know!

Movement keeps healty, and the countryside in the north of Saarland invites to a bicycle or a walking tour with the whole family!
If you want to visit our show and you are approaching the airfield from Finkenrech, Tholey or Sotzweiler, you should be aware of some roads that are closed due to the airshow for safey reasons! Roughly, the whole area between the road from Tholey to Dirmingen and the airfield itself can be regared as a restricted area. For not to go a long way round, you should plan your tour regarding this limitation!

By plane

During the airshow weekend, visitors can also arrive by plane. Hangars will be blocked by the planes of participants and, therefore, will not be available for visitros!

Please, familiarize with the local airspace situation above Saarland. The most important details that cannot substitute an individual flight preparation are summarized in a publication of Aeroclub Saar.

Information concerning the Marpingen airfield are available on the appropriate website. You have to plan your arrival in a way that you arrive outside the running program on Marpingen airfield! and

Approaches PPR at +49 (0)6853 4774 !

The availability of fuel cannot be guaranteed since it is at first reserved for our participants and the capacity of the fuel station is quiet small.

There will be no landing fees during the Airshow weekend.


If you plan to visit our show from afar, there are several possibilities in the village of Marpingen and around for finding accomodation.

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